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"Oh man, Wrong move! HOT, HOT, HOT!" Screamed the mechanic at an almost broken down car/junk shop. Seems like the electric machine he's working on went haywire. "Hey man, what gives? I paid you many times than I could but you always blow things up! I mean look at all my things you trashed" said the man in front of him, who is apparently a customer. "Sir I assure you, I am doing the best that I can. Seems like the Commutator in the motor of your electric fan had fired up and that caused your motor to smoke and also, causing my finger to get burned" explained the mechanic. "Thanks for explaining the obvious! Well fix it then!" "I can't. I don't have any spare parts…" "Well thanks for making this worse then. Goodbye!" the customer stormed out of his junkyard. "Well things can't get ANY worse" said the mechanic. After that, his door broke and fell flat on the ground, the pipe turned and has blurted out water to his work table and the dog was startled and started to bark.

". . . . ."


(while drinking a buko juice) "As you can all see in the previous pages, I am a mechanic. A broke one too. I need money right now or else I would be drinking my buko juice at the streets. I have many DEBTS to pay, I don't have any food, and the only companion I have is this dog that I couldn't even pet.



"Hey dude, what are your plans for college?"

"Err I don't know. Maybe I'll choose engineering for a course." –the mechanic when he is still a high schooler.

"Wow engineering? That takes A LOT of maths dude, you up for it?"

"Well yeah. It just takes some determination and spirit. And when I'm done, I'll get a job and I could do whatever I want."

Laughter. Fading.



This wasn't supposed to happen. I really studied my ass off when I was in college. I should be living in a luxurious house right about now. But No, I spent YEARS in studying up engineering and this is what I get. Thanks destiny, just thanks. Determination and spirit my ass.



(While he's working on an unfinished work, a limo has parked in front of his yard and out comes a man with black suited companions.)

"Well, well, Lookie what we've got here boys, a hardworking mechanic with an unpaid debt." said the just arrived man. His height is short and has semi-bald hair. He is somehow wearing a deluxe, expensive suit. He looks pissed.

"Oh! Mister Grope! It's nice to see you. Hot weather we're having today isn't it?" said the startled mechanic.

"For the last time, it's mister GROVE! Got that? It's letter V!"

"Oh I am so sorry mister rope, will never happen again."

"Sigh, why do I have to cope with- Okay so much for that. Let's get to the point, shall we? I came here to get your payment."

"Err about tha-"

"FOR YOUR 9 MONTH DEBT. That's a million Php. Have you forgotten about that?"

"Er Wow! Time sure flies eh, no? Mister Road? Ah-ha-ha. . ."

"Have you forgotten about that??"

"Have you forgotten about what?"      "THAT!!"

"Well basically, yeah."     "WHAT?!"

"N-NO NO NO! I haven't forgotten it. I remember clearly like it was yesterday. Ah-ha-ha. . ." (Scared pose)


Then a lady came out of the limo. She looks like a wealthy woman wearing an expensive dress. "Faaaather, is this STILL going to be long? We're gonna be late for our meeting!" said the lady. "Not at all dear, this will be easy if the answer of this poor young man is going to be right" answered the short man to his daughter. He then faced the mechanic.

"You remember right? Well Good. So, WHERE IS IT?"

"Well you see that's the thing sir . . . I don't have it."

"You know what to do men" said the short man without hesitation. Perhaps he already knew what he will answer. The black suited men came approaching closer and closer to the panicked mechanic. Two men grabbed his arms. Things we're about to get ugly until-

"Stop this right now! Stop! Father, you know better!" said the lady. "W-what?" answered the confused dad. "I mean just look at him! He's poor. At least give him days to gather money so that he could repay you." "Meddling piece of-" the father mumbled. "Alright then sweetie, if that's what you want. Men, let go of him!"

The men let go. "Shoo! That was a close one!" whispered the mechanic. "Okay boy, say your thanks to my daughter here, if it weren't for her, you are already minced meat by now! Har har! Okay, I'm giving you 1 month to find money so that you could pay me. I'll repeat. 1 MONTH."

"Okay mister dove, you got it! 2 months!"

"1 MONTH!"

"1 month! I got it!" replied the mechanic. The short man left with an angry face.

"You better hurry up, my father hates waiting!" said the lady. "Oh I didn't get to say my thanks, so THANKS A LOT for saving me! I owe you one!" thanked the mechanic. "You're welcome. But sheesh, what is it with you and owe's?" joked the lady. "That's enough debt for today, don't you think?" "Ah-ha-ha. . . riiight. . ." said the mechanic. "BTW, I didn't get your name." the lady asked.

"Wow, pretty rude for someone who hasn't given theirs"

"Wow, that is ALSO pretty rude for someone who hasn't shown much gratitude towards his savior."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ha! Wellp, that is more than enough gratitude, that makes you the rude one again"

"Ahaha! I like your style Mr. Mechanic." Claimed the lady "Well, if you really want to know, my name is-"

"Sweetie, are we going to the meeting or what? You're the one who is in a rush a while ago!" shouted the short man inside his limo. "Aww.. got to run Mr. Mechanic. Duty calls." said the lady while leaving.


"FAUST!" the mechanic yelled before the lady got inside her limo.

The lady smiled. "It's VALENTINE!" said the lady. After that she went inside.


The mechanic smiled while seeing their limo leave. The lady smiled while leaving.


The mechanic noticed something on the ground. It looks like a…

"woah, did she just dropped this on purpose, HER NUMBER?" yelled the mechanic.

The mechanic was super happy. He's all dancing and laughing in his somewhat love victory. "I think this girl likes me!" he praised himself. "Well, I guess no girl can resist this tough engineer charm! Hekhek! Woohooo! Yes!" the mechanic overjoyed. "I can't wait to-" the mechanic paused; his smile was slowly turning upside down as if he smelled something outrageously bad.

"Oh yeah right. . ." the mechanic realized.  "I don't have any cellphone."


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Mikhail Fernando
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
An aspiring comic artist

When comics was first introduced to me, I thought " WOW, This is amazing! What's this?" lol, I was really curious and thrilled to know more of what it is. When I first saw the drawing, visualizing the story, it REALLY took me to their world. Fascinated and dumbstruck, I owed it to myself that someday, someday I will also create something neat and great as this and fascinate and amaze other people, like it did to me.


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